Increase sales in social networks 3 times!

SocialCRM - is the service that allows

to close deals 3 times more 

in social networks and to save up your time to 73%

Main features

Create a contact database

Fill out the customer's card without leaving the social networks

Configure your sales funnel

Funnel is a powerful tool to increase profits, through the systematization of the sales process

Remember the arrangements

According to statistics, 37% of negotiations in social networks end in failure because of inopportune and forgetfulness. Social CRM will remind you of all arrangements

Save time on correspondence

Create templates of messages that you most often use in your correspondence and send them with two clicks. It is very easy!

Deferred messages

Create a task with the message that you want to send in the future to the client, and SocialCRM will send it automatically at the appointed time.

Social CRM works in 5 social networks and 3 instant messengers!

Allows you to combine profiles of one person in different social networks in a one card





Customer Testimonials

Anatoly Ille

Business consultant

I advise owners of European MLM companies. With the help of Social CRM, my clients made a quantum leap in the first month - from 300 to 2500 partners in the network. My rating as a consultant is growing every day. Thank you for the quality product.

Elena Gordeeva


For 25 years of activity in MLM, I have not met such speeds. I did not think that it was possible to work so simply and easily: beautiful duplication. By a similar system technique, I worked manually earlier, now everything is automated by 90%, hence the enormous time savings.

Louise Aminova


For 76 years I have never met such a simple and easy-to-use service. He helped me to increase the speed of attracting clients and partners 10 times. Thanks to the developers, I'm already teaching my youth.


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